Network and Portal FAQs

Network FAQs

What is the North Sea Operators Well Productivity Network (NSWPN)?

The NSWPN is a technical network of Operating Company representatives specializing in reservoir drilling and completion fluids, formation damage and general well productivity.

What is the purpose of the Network?
  • To share knowledge and experience with a network of experts in well completion, workover and production/injection issues relating to the maximization of hydrocarbon recovery

  • To learn from presentations and discussions concerning the challenges and solutions to maximizing well productivity and injectivity

  • To meet with colleagues and gain fresh insight into the latest technologies and techniques in identifying, preventing and remediating formation damage

  • To exchange technical information on well productivity issues without commercial bias

Where do Network members operate?

Network members are drawn from operating companies based within the North Sea region: Norway, UK, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. These companies are predominantly operating oil and gas fields within the North Sea, but discussions concerning fields from outside the region are included if the knowledge and experience is relevant.

How is the Network organized?

The Network is managed by a Steering Committee of industry recognised specialists drawn from the founding operating companies of Equinor, BP and Shell. The Steering Committee also includes  members with extensive experience of well productivity and formation damage from well engineering consulting companies Axis and Three60 Energy. Add link to About Network

The Steering Committee manages the meeting schedule and decides dates, discussion topics, presenters and locations as appropriate.

A “main point of contact” is assigned for each “full” and “guest” member company.

Axis provides administrative support (including this website) to the Network.

How often does the Network meet?

The NSWPN meets quarterly by video / audio conference (2 hours) with a specific theme for discussion with one face to face meeting (2 day) per year. Members are encouraged to present at the meetings on specific topics to generate discussion and support between members.

Who can join the Network?

The Network is open to anyone employed by those operating companies who are registered as “full” or “guest” members of the Network.

Service company membership is not normally allowed.

All members are encouraged to participate in Network discussions, be they on-line or at the quarterly meetings.

All members are encouraged to complete their personal profile to help promote communication and collaboration.

What type of memberships are there?

There are two classifications of membership:

  • Full – employees of companies who have paid the joining and annual operating fee
  • Guest – employees of companies opting not to pay joining and/or annual operating fee
What are the membership fees?

Membership fees are paid at the company level in Norwegian krone. They are paid only once per company irrespective of how many separate operating companies they have in the North Sea region.

There is no limit to the number of individual members that each company can register in the Network.

What is included in the membership?

Full membership allows attendance at all Network meetings and full access to the content and functionality of the on-line portal

Guest membership allows attendance at all Network meetings, but only very limited access to the content, functionality and communication tools of the on-line portal.

How can I join the Network?

By registration via the home page of on-line portal. A notification will be sent to the “site administrator” who will assign the appropriate type of membership to the applicant depending on the current fee status. The respective company ”main point of contact” will also be informed.

Are there any membership terms and conditions?

A set of terms and conditions have been compiled and approved by the Steering Committee. They deal with matters such as liability, competition, and data protection.

A separate Privacy Notice discusses how the requirements of the Global Data Protection Regulations are being met.

Portal FAQs

How do I unsubscribe from the portal?

Contact Support (see page footer) and request to have your account terminated

How do I edit my profile?
  1. Move cursor to where your name is displayed in the top right hand corner
  2. Select “edit account” from drop down account
  3. It is possible to edit name, location, job title, biography, email address, and notification frequency
  4. Press “update profile” button

Full Network members have a star on their profile picture

Contact support to change company, just in case this changes membership type

How do I insert a photo into my profile?
  1. Move cursor to where your name is displayed in the top right hand corner
  2. Select “edit account” from drop down account
  3. Click icon at bottom right of profile and drag photo into box
  4. Adjust scale and position, then press “tick”
  5. Press “Update Avatar” button
How do I start a discussion topic on the Forum?
  1. From the Ask the Forum page select “Start Discussion”
  2. Type in a title and some text describing your issue, add links using link button in toolbar.
  3. Pictures can also be added into text using “add media” button
  4. Select one or more technical categories relevant to your discussion
  5. Upload relevant documents or pictures using “choose file” and then “submit”

Links to websites can also be included. You will be able to edit your topic during the subsequent 24 hours. Contact Support (see page footer) if your topic needs editing beyond 24 hours. All Network members will be advised of a new topic in their periodic notification email. The initiator will receive immediate email notification of any replies, as will those Network members electing to “follow” the topic.

How do I “follow” a specific topic?

Full members can subscribe to “follow” the discussion concerning any particular topic (discussion or event related) by opening the topic and selecting “follow”.  The member will be immediately notified of every reply that is made. To unsubscribe from the topic, just open the topic and select “unfollow”.  All replies to that topic will not be sent directly but the existence of new replies will be indicated in your periodic “notification”. A list of subscribed topics can be found in the same drop down menu as “edit account”.

What can  I “search” on the portal?

Ask the Forum: contains all of the discussion and event topics on the portal. The search facility will look at all of the titles and associated discussion text for the target items. The attached documents are not included in the search. Selecting one of the technical categories will give a list of all the topics associated with that particular aspect of well productivity.

Library: The search facility will search all of the titles and text within the articles, attached documents are not included.

Events: The search facility will look at all titles, text and agendas within the events

Members: The search facility will look at names, companies, job title and the entire contents of the individual biogs

What are “notifications”?

Notifications of changes will be sent periodically by the portal to the users registered email address. The user can select from:

  • daily – 12.00 UK time
  • weekly – 12.00 UK time every Monday
  • monthly – 12.00 UK time on the 15th of every month

The changes will include:

  • New Topics
  • Replies and changes to existing topics
  • Changes to existing events

Members will be notified of new events immediately

How do I change the notification period?

This can be done in “edit account”. The choice is daily, weekly or monthly.

What does “Remember me on this device?” function mean?

When you log in, we will also set up several cookies to save your login information and your screen display choices. Login cookies last for two days, and screen options cookies last for a year. If you select “Remember me on this device?”, your login will persist for two weeks. If you log out of your account, the login cookies will be removed.